Horwath Law is a criminal defense law firm specializing in DUI, Domestic Violence, Drug Crime and other serious criminal cases. The firm has won numerous awards and has garnered over 350 five-star reviews, including a perfect 10 rating on Avvo.

Tacoma, WA


Horwath Law is a Criminal Defense Law Firm based in Seattle, Washington. Owner and proprietor, Angela Horwath, specializes in DUI, Drug Crime, and Domestic Violence Defense Law.

Horwath Law has relied on PPC to generate business for over a decade. During most of that time, ad spend remained stable and leads trickled in. Before ALC  was hired, a Google Ads rep implemented automated strategies in the campaigns that resulted in a lot of money spent and very little result.

ACL was tasked with bringing the Ads account up to a profitable level in three months. We did it in the first 30 days.


  • Increase conversion rate from 5% to 25% (When clicks cost as much as $150- increasing conversion rate is of #1 importance)
  • Convert highly qualified leads- not just the people that need a lawyer, but can afford one
  • Make ad spend profitable


  • The current account was not salvageable- so we rebuilt the campaigns from scratch
  • Their website contained a lot of great information, but wasn’t CTA focused or conversion optimized
  • Law is one of the most competitive industries on Google Ads, so average CPC is routinely above $100
  • Their Seattle location meant that we would be working in a hot market & very crowded space


We rebuilt the campaigns with SKAG’s (Single Keyword Ad Groups) to tightly structure the keywords and make our ads as relevant as possible, with the main goal of achieving a higher CTR (Click Through Rate).

The old campaigns relied on automated bid strategies that drove up CPC and resulted in very few conversions. To combat this, we implemented manual bidding strategies throughout the new campaigns so that we could control CPC down to the cent.

We designed a landing page with a prominent call to action to increase conversion rate and began a rigorous process of A/B testing various elements on the page to ensure that we had a winning design.


By simply rebuilding the campaigns with thoughtful, well executed strategies, we achieved the magic triangle of PPC almost immediately: Click-thru-rate increased, conversions increased, and cost-per-conversion dropped.

But we’re not an agency that works on a “set it and forget it” basis. Since the initial launch, we’ve implemented new strategies to scale these campaigns to maximum profitability- including RLSA campaigns, video advertising on YouTube, and more.

1 %
Increase In Conversions
1 %
Decrease In CPA
1 %
Increase In Conversion Rate
1 %
Increase In Profitable Ad Spend

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