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This is a guide to understanding law firm pay per click advertising (PPC) strategy

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This guide is for attorneys who are considering pay per click and other marketing strategies to drive new business to their firm

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In this guide, you’ll learn:

Pay per click: a proven way to attract new business

In the past, law firms relied heavily on referrals and word of mouth to attract business. However, when prospects find themselves in legal trouble today, they often turn to Google to find a lawyer nearby

Pay per click can be a lucrative advertising method in the legal industry because it makes it easy for law firms to reach potential customers at a moment when they are likely to need for legal services: when they search for help on Google.

Relatively few law firms report using Google Ads (just 7–9% according to the American Bar Association in 2019), yet those who do compete to appear at the top of result pages in the hopes of drawing potential clients. 

In today’s digital atmosphere, law firms that don’t take advantage of PPC or other digital marketing strategies may be missing out on an opportunity to reach potential clients—and lose them to savvier competitors.

What is PPC for lawyers and how does it work?

PPC stands for “pay per click.” This is a form of advertising where you can pay for your ad to appear on the first page of search engine results pages when someone searches for a certain keyword, such as “owi wisconsin.” 

How does PPC work for lawyers?

PPC advertisers participate in an automated “auction” which occurs every time someone types a keyword into the search bar. 

Different law firms each place a “bid” for a certain amount of money on a particular keyword. This bid is the maximum amount they’re willing to spend when someone clicks on their ad. Let’s say you want to bid on the keyword “owi wisconsin.” 

You’re competing for the top listings on the first page of Google after someone types in “owi wisconsin.”

Whoever is willing to pay the most every time someone clicks on the ad can increase their ability to appear in the top position.

These ads for bankruptcy attorneys in Columbus, Ohio (our hometown), are VERY powerful because someone searching for “bankruptcy attorney Columbus Ohio” is actively searching for someone to call and to take their case. If your bankruptcy law firm is marketing at the top of the search results, you WILL get clicks on your ads and many times people will call your firm directly from the search results without even clicking through to your site.




From our experience as a digital marketing firm for attorneys and other businesses, we know that clients who call directly into your office from a search ad are typically VERY qualified and can be more quality leads.

However, your ads’ “quality score,” can also affect how high and how often you’re able to rank, and how much you have to pay for those appearances. This score is Google’s measure of: 1) the quality of your ad, and 2) the relevance of your ad, target keyword, and landing page to the searcher’s query.

Factors that affect your quality score include:

 I)Expected click-through rate: how likely is the searcher to click on your ad?

II)Ad relevance: how well does it align with the searcher’s questions?

III)Landing page experience: how well does the page your searchers land on after clicking on your ad: 1) provide a solid user experience, 2) align with the content of the ad that sent users there, and 3) satisfy the intent behind the keyword the user searched for?

IV)Google Ad history: how well have your ads performed in the past?

Depending on the amount you bid and your quality score, you may appear at the top of a page a certain percentage of the times a keyword is searched for, or not be able to compete at all.

Alternatives: SEO Marketing

Note that not all search results are PPC ads. A certain number of results on each page are unpaid. These are called “organic” listings, and appear due to Google’s ranking algorithms without bidding.

Getting listed in the organic SEO results below the paid listings at the top of Google is a much longer term strategy. While bankruptcy attorneys can eventually get listed in the top 10 results, it can take quite a bit of time and resource to get there.

Let say after years and a lot of money and resources spent to be top of organic results if someone bids for “OWI Wisconsin” paid results always appear first.

If you win the bid for the keyword “owi Wisconsin” at a particular moment, and that your ads have a high quality score for that keyword. When someone in Madison who has been arrested for a OWI Googles “owi Wisconsin,” chances are the first thing they will see on the result page is your business.

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