Stoner & Company Family Law came to Clear Digital with a straight forward ask. They wanted more leads through a more efficient & effective Google Ads campaign. Several challenges existed including:

  1. Google Analytics was not properly configured & Google Ads was not linked by the prior agency
  2. Google Tag Manager had not been implemented
  3. Most significantly, due to COVID-19 and the impact on business – ad spend budgets were reduced by over 89.2%


The strategy included 3 key elements:

  1. Optimize Google Analytics & implement Google Tag Manager to allow for greater data-driven optimization opportunities
  2. Set up new, optimized Google Ads campaigns to remove prior inefficiencies
  3. Leverage Google machine learning and automation capabilities to drive maximize return on ad spend


The approach consisted of the following:

Keyword research

  1. Ad copy development & refinement leveraged in all-new Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Search Ads & Dynamic Search Ads
  2. New campaign setup including:  brand campaign, services-specific campaign, and a mobile campaign that focused specifically on phone leads.
  3. Expansion of negative keyword list to avoid wasted ad spend
  4. Addition of new keywords from keyword research, and from prior campaign search terms report
  5. Google Analytics optimization & Google Tag Manager implementation
  6. Continuous campaign optimization once launched

Keyword Research

Step 1:  Clear Digital performed keyword research to identify the language that qualified potential clients were using on Google to find the legal services that Stoner & Company Family Law offers.  We also research keywords that were trending in the family law space to capitalize on new emerging opportunities.

Ad Copy Development & Refinement

Step 2:  Clear Digital created new ad copy leveraging the consumer insights from the keyword research.  In addition, any ad copy from the prior campaign that could re-used was done so, however upgraded with the research in step 1.  All enhanced ad copy that then deployed in 3 specific ways – in Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Search Ads & Dynamic Search Ads.

New Campaign Setup

Step 3:  Next came new campaign setup.  3 specific campaign types were set up including the following:  a brand campaign, services-specific campaign, and a mobile campaign that focused specifically on phone leads.

Expansion Of Negative Keyword List

Step 4:  Clear Digital significantly expanded the negative keyword list from what was in place with the prior campaign.  This exercise ensured that our new ads would not appear for searches that were not relevant for the campaign.  This reduced the number of wasted clicks, helping to maximize the return on ad spend.

Addition Of New Keywords

Step 5:  Through the research conducted in step 1, along with an audit of the prior campaign’s search terms report, Clear Digital was able to expand the keywords targeted for the campaign.  This allowed us to place our ad in front of more qualified potential clients, more often.

Google Analytics Optimization & Google Tag Manager Implementation

Step 6: Leveraging the data in Google Analytics, along with data enrichment exercise through the new Google Tag Manager implementation, Clear Digital was able to better understand how to executive a more efficient and effective campaign.

Continuous Campaign Optimization

Step 7:  The final step in the process actually takes us back to the beginning of a continuous process of keyword research & refinement, strategic keyword exclusion, ad copy refinement, and data analysis to make ongoing campaign improvements to lower the cost per lead, while increasing the volume of qualified leads.


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